Weddings are Celebrations

Weddings are time to celebrate.  Two families coming together to celebrate the creation of a new family.  I love capturing people having a  great time, it finishes off a great day.   Here are a few celebration photos from an Appleton Wedding, Lindy and Troy.






Changes coming

There will be changes coming soon.  I am working on a new website and I have a new logo.  I am gathering photos now for new galleries.  I will be posting  sneak peak photos in the coming weeks.  Here are Nora and Liam, a wedding from last summer in Milwaukee.  Even though I am based in Appleton, I do travel all over for weddings.  Enjoy the photos, and if you are looking for a wedding photographer in Appleton or anywhere else, drop me a line or give me a call, I would love to talk about your day.





Flowers in Mason Jar

Here is a photo from today.  Just playing around having fun with photography.  We found this Blue Mason Jar in an antique store a few weeks ago.  My wife put the flowers in it and it decorates our kitchen counter.  I have always been fascinated by light coming through glass and it was a bright sunny day outside, perfect for this sort of photo.  A little photoshop magic and it has a nice vintage-y look to it.  Enjoy