Flowers in Mason Jar

Here is a photo from today.  Just playing around having fun with photography.  We found this Blue Mason Jar in an antique store a few weeks ago.  My wife put the flowers in it and it decorates our kitchen counter.  I have always been fascinated by light coming through glass and it was a bright sunny day outside, perfect for this sort of photo.  A little photoshop magic and we have a nice vintage-y look of flowers in mason jar.  Enjoy

Flowers in Mason Jar

Website Update

If you have been on my site the past few days you would have seen it changing and changing back and then changing again.  I have found a theme I like but I am in the process of personalizing it.  It’s getting there, but it’s not there yet.

For those of you out east enjoying the storm or for those of you that are ready for spring, here is a photo that will warm you up.

Lifeguard Shack on the ocean near Santa Monica


A new look

There are some changes in the air for my website/blog. Not necessarily brought on by myself, but by whomever hacked into my website. I use WordPress, have for years. It is pretty straight forward and easy to use. One day I am on my site and the next day my site isn’t working. Come to find out I was infected with malware, a lot of it. So we now have a new look. if you keep coming back to my site you will find that it will be changing. I am trying to find the right theme, and I am not there yet. I will have it soon. So, for now you can enjoy the ever changing look of my site or you can visit my other site.

Thanks for stopping by!

Bill K