Throwback Thursday

Thursdays will be my throwback day, unless of course it happens on a different day.  But Throwback Thursday already exists so why break the norm.  Here is a photo from my early digital days.  Shot with a Nikon D1x which at the time was a whopping 5 megapixels.  Oh my gosh we were in heaven with such a large file!!  This photo really made me realize the how amazing it was to capture the emotion of the day.    

A walk down town

The other day I went with my daughter for a walk in downtown Appleton. We went just to take pictures and to see what we could see. No real plans, no real purpose, just fun taking photos. If it was anything it was an exercise in creativity. I decided to bring just 1 lens. Not just any lens, a lensbaby. It is hard to describe a lensbaby to non photo people. It was made to do a style of photography. In a nutshell it is photography with cameras that have really bad lenses or toy cameras with really bad lenses. With digital photography this is hard to do. Nobody makes really bad lenses for slr cameras. So what is a digital photographer to do?? Lensbaby. It has been slowly refined over the years but I have an earlier model. Focus is adjusted by pushing in or pulling out the lens, and you can bend it as well. It is just a fun lens to play with.
Here are a few photos from the day