Weddings are Celebrations

Weddings are time to celebrate.  Two families coming together to celebrate the creation of a new family.  I love capturing people having a  great time, it finishes off a great day.   Here are a few celebration photos from an Appleton Wedding, Lindy and Troy.

Lindy and Troy outside by bus, appleton wedding photographer


Bride and bridesmaids dancing on bus, appleton wedding photographer


Happiness at head table, appleton wedding photographer


Dancing on dance floor, appleton wedding photographer


Little girl dancing, appleton wedding photographer


Changes coming

There will be changes coming soon.  I am working on a new website and I have a new logo.  I am gathering photos now for new galleries.  I will be posting  sneak peak photos in the coming weeks.  Here are Nora and Liam, a wedding from last summer in Milwaukee.  Even though I am based in Appleton, I do travel all over for weddings.  Enjoy the photos, and if you are looking for a wedding photographer in Appleton or anywhere else, drop me a line or give me a call, I would love to talk about your day.


Nora & Liam, Milwaukee, Appleton Wedding Photographer


Nora & Liam, Milwaukee, Appleton Wedding Photographer


Nora & Liam, Milwaukee, Appleton Wedding Photographer


Throwback Thursday

Thursdays will be my throwback day, unless of course it happens on a different day.  But Throwback Thursday already exists so why break the norm.  Here is a photo from my early digital days.  Shot with a Nikon D1x which at the time was a whopping 5 megapixels.  Oh my gosh we were in heaven with such a large file!!  This photo really made me realize the how amazing it was to capture the emotion of the day.    

Milwaukee Wedding

I had a great wedding in Milwaukee 2 weekends ago. The wedding was downtown at Old Saint Mary’s church and the reception was at Lake Park Bistro. We also made a few stops along the way. It was the perfect day for a wedding. Great weather and a great couple, fun for all


First wedding for the year

It seems like forever between the seasons. I shot my first wedding for the year last weekend. Wedding was at St Mary’s in Appleton and the reception was at Homestead Meadows in Appleton. The bride is “the girl next door” really, well she lives across the street from me. My son also stood up in the wedding. I did my best not to embarrass him. Here are a few photos from the day.