Julie – High School Senior Photography

Julie is a Senior from Appleton.  We chose locations from downtown, to parks, by the river and her own back yard for her senior photography.

Having multiple outfits give your photos variety.  This also helps you express yourself and show your own personal style.  On occasion it also helps with the age old struggle between Moms and Seniors on what they each think looks good in photos.  You both can win.  Some rules of thumb for clothes selection.  Solid colors that are more of the earth tones work best, very bright bold colors tend to distract.  Generally we avoid stripes and prints and patterns, they tend to look busy and can be distracting.  You can never go wrong with black.  White looks great against very light colored backgrounds.  Now if your absolute favorite outfit has stripes and patterns and is bold colored, then by all means you should bring it with you.  We always feel great in our favorite outfit and that helps make for great senior photographs.

Julie sitting on bridge by river, senior photography

Julie sitting in chair downtown, senior photography

Julie by graffiti wall, senior photography

Julie by trees, senior photography

Julie with greenery, senior photography


Roseanne – Appleton High School Senior Photography

It is starting to be that time of year. High school juniors are starting to think about their senior photos, or at least their parents might be.  Here is Roseanne, a senior from Appleton.  Outdoor sessions are pretty much the norm now, and I have many great areas.   If you are interested in High School Senior photography, drop me a line or give me a call.

Appleton High School Senior Photography

Appleton High School Senior Photography

Appleton High School Senior Photography

Appleton High School Senior Photography

Appleton High School Senior Photography

Appleton High School Senior Photography

Weddings are Celebrations

Weddings are time to celebrate.  Two families coming together to celebrate the creation of a new family.  I love capturing people having a  great time, it finishes off a great day.   Here are a few celebration photos from an Appleton Wedding, Lindy and Troy.

Lindy and Troy outside by bus, appleton wedding photographer


Bride and bridesmaids dancing on bus, appleton wedding photographer


Happiness at head table, appleton wedding photographer


Dancing on dance floor, appleton wedding photographer


Little girl dancing, appleton wedding photographer


Changes coming

There will be changes coming soon.  I am working on a new website and I have a new logo.  I am gathering photos now for new galleries.  I will be posting  sneak peak photos in the coming weeks.  Here are Nora and Liam, a wedding from last summer in Milwaukee.  Even though I am based in Appleton, I do travel all over for weddings.  Enjoy the photos, and if you are looking for a wedding photographer in Appleton or anywhere else, drop me a line or give me a call, I would love to talk about your day.


Nora & Liam, Milwaukee, Appleton Wedding Photographer


Nora & Liam, Milwaukee, Appleton Wedding Photographer


Nora & Liam, Milwaukee, Appleton Wedding Photographer


Abby & Keith Winter Engagement

A few weeks ago I photographed Abby and Keith.  They wanted snow for their photos.  They are having a winter wedding and thought engagement photos should be the same.  This winter didn’t seem to promising for snow.  No snow at Christmas, just a lot of brown and sticks for trees.  We were scheduled for Saturday morning and we would try a few and finish with some indoor photos against a background.  We woke up Saturday to white everywhere!!  I would like to say I made a call and arranged that for them but I don’t have Mother Nature’s direct line.  I do know a Hollywood effects person who specializes in snow, but it would have been cheaper flying somewhere to go to snow.  So, back to snow in Appleton.  We had a great time in the snow, they were even brave enough to just be in shirts.  We built a snowman and even had a snowball fight, which the cameras survived.














Night Photography in Appleton

Every now and then I do get to go out and take photos for me, just for the fun of it. When I first started taking classes in College I did a lot of night photography. To this day I still enjoy it. Here are a few shots from last night. The first is of the Marcus Theater in Kimberly. They have lots and lots of neon and it always photographs great. The second is from downtown Appleton. This stair has always intrigued me especially at night. Oh yeah and one more thing, I love night shots in Black and White.